NARC Chief Reviewer – Job Posting

IOHA was established to improve, promote and develop occupational hygiene worldwide through its member organisations, and to improve and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all. IOHA, is the peak organisation for occupational hygienists globally is committed to growing occupational hygiene capacity worldwide.  As a result, IOHA has established a new position titled Chief Reviewer, who  will support the NAR Committee to process applications from national associations and credentialling organisations in occupational hygiene. It is a great opportunity to make a personal contribution to promoting and growing competency in the profession globally.

Applications close on 26 July 2024.

The National Accreditation Recognition (NAR) Committee are custodians of the certification process and recognize national occupational hygiene associations who offer certification examinations. To promote global respect for and recognition of Occupational Hygiene Certification Programs organizations which meet or exceed the IOHA Model Certification Program can apply to become a member of NARC and are approved for a five-year cycle. Every five years organizations are re-assessed to ensure they continue to meet or exceed specific criteria and that they show how they continually improve their program.

Each recognized organization appoints an active representative that serves on the committee to uphold and complete NARC activities.

If your organization wishes to apply to be a part of NARC, fill out the form for a preliminary assessment. Please note your information will be forwarded to NARC Chair for review and they will contact you with more details.

NAR Chair – Sharann Johnson

NARC Chairman Report

National Accreditation Recognition (NAR) Schemes

The following are the internationally recognized organizations:

National Accreditation Scheme Organisation Abbreviation Member Since Approval Cycle
Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists AIOH 2006 June 2021 – June 2026
Board for Global EHS Credentialing BGC 2003 October 2019 – October 2024*
British Occupational Hygiene Society BOHS 2003 December 2020 – March 2026*
Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists CRBOH 2006 June 2022 – June 2027
Dutch Occupational Hygiene Society NVvA 2006 January 2018 – December 2023
Finnish Occupational Hygiene Society FOHS 2021 May 2021 – May 2026
French Occupational Hygienists Society SOFHYT 2009 May 2021 – December 2025
German Society of Occupational Hygiene DGAH 2014 September 2019 – September 2024
Hong Kong Institute of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene HKIOEH 2013 October 2020 – October 2025
Iberoamerican Board of Occupational Hygiene JIHO 2023 May 2023 – May 2028
Italian Industrial Hygiene Association ICFP 2008 June 2021 – June 2026
Japan Association of Working Environment JAWE 2014 February 2019 – July 2025*
Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association MIHA 2014 October 2020 – October 2025*
Norwegian Occupational Hygiene Association NYF 2009 June 2021 – June 2026
Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Society of Singapore OEHS 2020 July 2020 – July 2025
Southern African Institute for Occupational Hygiene SAIOH 2006 September 2019 – September 2024
Swedish Occupational and Environmental Certification Board SAOEH 2010 June 2022 – June 2027
Swiss Society for Occupational Hygiene SSOH 2009 October 2019 – October 2024

*Adjustments to the cycles were approved by the Committee
December 2022