If your organization wishes to apply to be a part of NARC, fill out this form for a preliminary assessment. Please note your information will be forwarded to NARC Chair for review and they will contact you with more details.

Pre-liminary review questions for National Accreditation and Recognition application

To apply for the National Accreditation and Recognition please fill in the form.

Organizations Name*

Organizations main contact (name, email, phone)

How long has your organization been certifying credential holders?

What are your organization’s minimum requirements for an applicant (e.g., education requirements, ethics requirements, examination of candidate, etc.)? Please provide a brief description.

Do you require your credential holders to have certification maintenance (i.e., document ongoing continuing education)?

Do you have written policies and procedures that you will share, translated to English, for your review?

Becoming recognized with the IOHA National Accreditation Recognition Committee involves active participation in committee meetings and activities. This includes monthly two-hour meetings and additional time participating in developing procedures, conducting reviews on time, and working on sub-committees. Please confirm that you acknowledge this commitment and have the resources (e.g., personnel, time, etc.) to participating on the committee.

There is a levy that is applied to each NAR recognized member (calculated based on membership and gross national income). Please confirm that you understand this financial commitment.