The IOHA Networking Portal has been developed to create the opportunity for IOHA Member Organisations to actively partake in IOHA activities.

To this end, IOHA has created five committees, each with their own responsibility.  The committees are chaired by competent Occupational Hygienists and enshrine the vision and mission of IOHA.

Please visit this page regularly as the committees call for volunteers from time to time with the details of such displayed here.

The five IOHA committees are:

Chaired by Andre Winkes

This Committee is responsible for expanding the network of outside organizations with which IOHA coordinates and collaborates. This committee developed the Stakeholder Management Guideline. Roles of this committee includes: 

  1. Develop IOHA stakeholder management strategy for international stakeholders. Identifies potential stakeholders for collaboration and coordinates stakeholder mapping for international stakeholders.

  2. Coordinate engagement for international stakeholders.

  3. Custodian of Stakeholder Management.

  4. Update the status of Stakeholder Management for relevant stakeholders.

Chaired by Sharann Johnson

This committee promotes global respect for and recognition of Occupational Hygiene Certification Programmes which meet or exceed the “IOHA Model Certification Programme” developed at the 1999 IOHA Workshop on Certification/Registration and approved by the IOHA Board of Directors on 8 July 2000 and revised in 2007 and 2008. The usual activities of the Committee will consist of the following: 

  1. Receiving and reviewing applications from Occupational Hygiene Certification Boards seeking IOHA Recognition 

  2. Periodically reviewing the “IOHA Model Certification Programme” and, where appropriate, recommend changes for approval by the IOHA Board. 

  3. Periodically reviewing the Committee Charter and recommends changes to the IOHA Board of Directors. 

  4. Establishing communications with prospective Certification or Registration programmes with an emphasis on promoting applications to the NAR. 

  5. Developing a consulting role which assists countries in their ability to get IOHA recognized. 

Co-chaired by Maharshi Mehta and Norhazlina Mydin

This committee covers areas concerning communications with IOHA Member organisations through the website, marketing, and other outreach activities. This committee will provide timely and continuous information to the IOHA social media account on LinkedIn. The committee functions according to the Communications and Marketing Guideline.

Chaired by Ana Rocio Bautista

This committee works on various educational activities to serve IOHA’s mission to promote, develop and improve occupational hygiene capacity and competency worldwide. Activities may include:  

  1. Coordination and collaboration in international scientific and technical conferences, including the triennial IOHA conference.  

  2. This committee may coordinate efforts to build consensus on curricula for occupational hygiene training and education at various levels.  

  3. The committee will provide timely and appropriate educational resources to be placed on the IOHA website.

Chaired by Nancy Wilk

The Governance Committee is promoting good governance of IOHA and its structures. The committee is responsible for: 

  1. Designing and maintaining document systems for all IOHA records and governing documents.  

  2. This committee will coordinate the activities of other committees and authors to ensure the format and structure follow consistent protocol.