The IOHA Networking Portal has been developed to create the opportunity for IOHA Member Organisations to actively partake in IOHA activities.

To this end, IOHA has created five committees, each with their own responsibility.  The committees are chaired by competent Occupational Hygienists and enshrine the vision and mission of IOHA.

Please visit this page regularly as the committees call for volunteers from time to time with the details of such displayed here.

The five IOHA committees are:

Chaired by Andre Winkes

  • This committee serves to build sound relations with global bodies such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the World Health Organisation (WHO), Workplace Health Without Borders and others. The Silica and Healthcare Working Groups have been formed within this committee.

Chaired by Philip Hibbs

  • This committee is responsible for the recognition of IOHA Member Organisations’ certification schemes.

Co-chaired by Maharshi Mehta and Norhazlina Mydin

  • This committee deals with IOHA’s marketing and communications processes including the publication of IOHA newsletters as well as website updates.

Chaired by Professor Thomas Fuller

  • This committee deals with global Occupational Hygiene training and education within various IOHA Member Organisations and is responsible for overseeing IOHA’s in-house publication – the Global Exposure Manager (GEM) and all other technical publications.

Chaired by Peter-John (Jakes) Jacobs

  • This committee looks after IOHA’s governance and procedures and documents related thereto.