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Industrial Toxicology and Hygiene Association (ETOK)

Industrial Toxicology and Hygiene Association (ETOK)


Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology Association, Turkey (ETOK) is a not-for-profit-organization. It gathers together the professionals and academic persons who work in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, Occupational Medicine, Occupational Hygiene and Industrial Toxicology. It began under the name; Industrial Toxicology Association, Turkey. In 2021 expanded its name and activities to include one of the most important aspects, Industrial Hygiene and became a recent member country of IOHA.
President of ETOK is Prof. Engin Tutkun and his email address is

Secretary of ETOK and Board member of IOHA for Turkey is Dr. Mehmet Erdem Alaguney and his email address is

The association held 3 international conferences in 2019 to 2021 and gave several trainings to private and government organizations. ETOK is now in the application process for NAR Committee and OHTA.

ETOK will hold IETOX2022 in Istanbul, on November 20 of 2022.

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