IOHA representation at International Labor Conference (ILC) on June 5

Congratulations, and thank you to Andre Winkes and Andrea Hiddinga-Schipper for making a powerful statement at ILC organized by ILO on climate change on June 5, 2023, on behalf of #IOHA.

Andre Winkes and Andrea Hiddinga-Schipper recommended, “We call upon governments and policymakers at all levels to recognize and understand the impact climate change will have on worker safety and health. We ask them to address the correlation between climate change and the adverse effects on decent work, occupational hazards, and diseases. We pledge to adapt OSH standards to already existing climate effects.”
Please refer to the attached statement for additional details.

Samantha Connell, MSPH, CIHNorhazlina Mydin, MS, CIH, CPIH, CSFC Retha van NiekerkNathalie ARGENTIN

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