ICOH, IOHA and IEA Joint Statement presented at the Seventy-first World Health Assembly (A71/1) on 22 May 2018

On 22 May, ICOH former President, Professor Jorma Rantanen, presented the Joint Statement by the ICOH (International Commission on Occupational Health), IOHA and IEA (International Ergonomics Association) on the WHO 13th General Programme of Work (GPW) 2019-2023 at the Seventy-first World Health Assembly (A71/1), Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.
For inclusion of occupational health into the content of the 13th GPW, the ICOH, IOHA and IEA jointly propose the following additional elements to the Programme:

  1. Extension of the WHO Global Plan of Action on Workers′ Health through 2023 and inclusion to the Programme the development of specialised or basic occupational health services (including occupational hygiene and human factors/ergonomic design services) to cover all working people; the organized work life plus self-employed and informal workers in line with the WHO strategy on universal health coverage, UHC, and the UN Sustainable Development Goal No.3.
  2. Establish WHO Global Programme for Prevention of Occupational Cancer and Elimination of Asbestos-related Diseases in line with the UN Resolution on Prevention of NCD and the related WHO Global Action Plan 2013-2020.
  3. Enhancement of the ILO/WHO Global Programme for the Elimination of Silicosis, including workplace actions to prevent tuberculosis among silica-exposed workers and among health workers, in line with UN and WHO for tuberculosis prevention efforts.