Key Guidance Documents

Key Strategic Documents

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Materials for the 2016-2020 Term

IRPA Leaflet 2016-2020.pdf 2018-06-29
Minutes of the IRPA14 General Assembly.pdf 2018-06-29

Associate Society Resources

Benefits of a Radiation Protection Society (June 2015).pdf 2018-06-29
How to Become an Associate Society – Position Statement on Assistance to Associate Societies (April 2016).pdf 2018-06-29
Associate Society Model Constitution (April 2016).pdf 2018-06-29

IRPA Congress Arrangements

Guidance for the Organisation of an IRPA Regional Congress (May 2018).pdf 2018-06-29
Sponsorship of IRPA Congresses (September 2010).pdf 2018-06-29

General Policies and Procedures

Arrangements for IRPA Support for Conferences (December 2014).pdf 2018-06-29
Differential Fees Policy (July 2018).pdf 2018-08-02
Procedure for Determining the IRPA View of the Profession (June 2018).pdf 2018-06-29
Reimbursement Policy and Procedures (September 2010).pdf 2018-06-29

Terms of Reference

IRPA ToR Commission on Publications (24 June 2013).pdf 2018-09-17
IRPA ToR Montreal Fund Committee (24 June 2013).pdf 2018-09-17
IRPA ToR Societies Admission and Development Committee (24 June 2013).pdf 2018-09-17
IRPA ToR Task Group on Public Understanding of Radiation Risk (24 June 2013).pdf 2018-09-17
IRPA ToR Task Group on the Impact of the Implementation of the Eye Lens Dose Limits – Phase 3 (23 April 2018).pdf 2018-09-17
IRPA YGN Strategic Agenda 2018-2020.pdf 2019-01-15

Other Papers and Presentations

A Practitioners View of Radiation and the Law (Coates Nov 2018).pdf 2018-11-22
The Future of Radiation Protection – IRPA Views (Coates Oct 2018).pdf 2018-11-27