ENETOSH Represented At This Year’s AIHce EXP 2019
In Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

From left to right: Dr. Thomas Fuller, Steve Thygerson
(moderator), and Lester Claravall.

Each year, the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) seeks out speakers from around the globe to provide world-class education on topics important to IH/OH professionals.
Through collaborations with Dr. Ulrike Bollmann (ENETOSH), Dr. Thomas Fuller (Illinois State University), and Lester Claravall (Oklahoma Department of Labor), an abstract was put together discussing the ENETOSH ‘mainstreaming OSH into education’ concept. From the hundreds of abstracts submitted to the AIHA, “Global Occupational Safety and Health Education and Mainstreaming Collaborations” was one of the abstracts accepted. Fuller and Claravall co-presented this topic during the AIHce EXP 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The presentation identified OSH curricula for various educational levels, described the global need for expanded OSH education to build OSH professional competence, and identified new areas where OSH curricula might be applied in their organizations. In addition, Fuller discussed the ENETOSH / IOHA collaborations taking place between the two international organizations.

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As a representative for ENETOSH, Claravall shared the current state of the art of the ENETOSH web platform and good practice examples. In addition, Claravall shared the ENETOSH model (see fig.1).
Fuller and Claravall fielded great questions from an international crowd of about 50 participants. At the conclusion of the session, many of the participants complimented how they liked the presentation because it introduced them to new insights they didn’t think about previously. The IH/OH professionals also had the opportunity to see firsthand how the ENETOSH model is currently being practiced in Oklahoma via curriculum policy and via the nation’s first ‘mainstreaming OSH into education” law (Senate Bill 262) passed in Oklahoma.